Titan Equity Asset Management

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Rate Structure

Monthly Management Fee 8% ($75 Minimum/$125 Maximum)
Rent Up Fee 1/2 a Month rent ($500 Minimum/$1500 Maximum)
Renew Lease $100
Includes annual inspection and/or lease renewal.
Late Fees split 50/50
Bad Check $25 (charged to tenant)
Court Appearance $100 per appearance
Lock Out Included
3 day/30, 60, or 90 Day Notice Included
Set up Cost Included
Trust accounts, transfer utilities, files
Extended Vacancy Included with Management

Whats included in Monthly Management fee

Collection of rents Yes
Utility monitoring and/or forwarding to tenant Monthly
Drive bys Quarterly
Monthly Reports Yes
Annual Statements Yes
Repairs- Coordinated Yes

Additional Services

Billing, collecting and paying of utility bill $5 per bill
Add'l Inspections Included
Code Enforcement, Building Inspections, etc.